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Glacier Surf is the highest quality and most professional premier soccer club in the Flathead Valley. The unparalleled and limitless playing opportunities provided by Surf Nation - combined with our unrivaled and professional coaching staff - create the absolute best training and playing experience for every player we work with. Whether your goal is High School, College, or Professional soccer, Glacier Surf provides the necessary training and playing opportunities for EVERY LEVEL OF PLAYER! 

3rd-8th Graders: Come train and learn from one of the top coaches in our region in this fun and high-quality winter camp!

9th-12 Graders: Think you have what it takes to play at the collegiate level? Come compete in Montana's LARGEST & MOST COMPETITIVE indoor tournament AND learn from one of the region's TOP Division I coaches - Gonzaga Men's Soccer Head Coach Aaron Lewis! 

All players will receive two hours of training PLUS there will be a 1 hour informative COLLEGE RECRUITMENT SEMINAR on Friday night.  Parents and players: bring your questions and learn everything there is to know about the College Recruitment Process.  Aaron will even be in attendance at the weekend indoor tournament to watch players from all over the state compete in the Glacier Surf Futsal Championships. To register for this incredible opportunity, go to: 

3rd-8th Grade REGISTRATION

9th-12th Grade REGISTRATION

Camp Location: Flathead County Tradecenter Building

College Recruitment Seminar Location: FVCC (complete details emailed before camp)




What makes GLACIER SURF different than other clubs:                                  

●  Nationally licensed, highly experienced, professional coaching staff

●  Full-time, year-round programming and full-time indoor turf facility

●  Player pathway for our players to make Surf Regional & National teams while playing all across the region, country, and even internationally

●  Only soccer club in Montana with TRACE video system and instant player highlights for all of our 11v11 teams

●  Only soccer club in Montana with TOCA Touch Training

●  Offers the widest variety of programs in the Flathead Valley

●  EXOS Strength Training & Functional Movement Screenings by trained professionals

●  Following the world-renowned Surf SC curriculum that focuses on individual player development

●  International training and playing opportunities available to teams of all age groups

●  Excellent administrative support with timely communications

●  College Recruitment Services 

At Glacier Surf, we are MORE THAN A CLUB!

“We are thrilled to join Surf Nation and to become Glacier Surf. Partnering with Surf aligns our club, our community, our coaches, and our players with the top soccer club in the country. This historic partnership will also provide playing opportunities, both regionally and nationally, that have never been available to players of the Flathead valley. Specifically, the top players from the Flathead Valley will now be able to try out for the Surf Regional Team and ultimately for the Surf Select National Team. Our coaching staff will also have exclusive electronic access to the world renowned Surf Curriculum for player development which will only continue to raise the level of our players and teams.  This partnership provides the most playing and competing opportunities for our players and ensures our club’s future for decades to come!”



NSC Montana has been invited to Surf Nation!  Starting August 1st, 2022 NSC Montana will become Glacier Surf Soccer Club!