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Surf Select - Regional & National Teams

What is Surf Select?

Becoming a part of Surf Nation has many benefits to all of our players, teams, and coaches.  It also provides an incredible opportunity for our top players by providing a pathway to play with other top players in the region as well as the opportunity to play and compete in regional and national showcase tournaments. This playing opportunity is known as Surf Select. 

Surf Select has two main levels for every birth year: 1) Surf Select Regional Team and 2) Surf Select National Team 

We wanted to provide more detailed information to everyone in our club on: 1) what exactly Surf Select is 2) the difference between the Regional Team and the National Team 3) the tryout process and 4) what opportunities are to be expected if any of our players are selected at the tryouts.  


There are Surf soccer clubs all across the country and even in Canada and Europe now.  Each area of our country is divided into Regions.  The Surf Select Regional Team pools together the best players from all of the Surf clubs in each region. Players that successfully make their regional team then have the opportunity to compete in regional tournaments as Surf Select NW Regional team.

Our region is the Pacific Northwest and currently includes 10 Surf Affiliate Clubs between Montana (3), Idaho (1), Washington (3 EW Surf Clubs), Oregon (1), Alberta, and British Columbia, Canada (2). These regional teams will have 1 training weekend together (see dates below) and then attend appropriate showcase events that don't conflict with individual club calendars.  In addition to the showcase tournaments that these regional teams will attend, we will also be able to take these teams and players to other events if teams / players / families are willing and interested.


The top players from each Surf Select Regional Team will then be selected to try out for the Surf Select National Team.  There are two levels for the Surf Select National Team: Blue is the highest level, and White is the second tier.  Players that make it to the Surf National team will then have the opportunity to play and compete in the top National Tournaments and even the opportunity to attend the top youth International Tournaments. 


Step 1 – Players are recommended by the Club Directors to attend the Surf Select NW Regional Tryouts on August 6-7th in Spokane, Washington. Regional Tryouts are free to register & participate. **Players from our soccer club will be notified via email for the August tryouts**

Step 2 – Players that tryout and successfully make the Regional Team will then report back to Regional Team Training in Spokane, Washington later in the Fall (November for the Boys, early December for the Girls - see below).  This weekend of training will be used by Surf Regional coaches to prepare their teams for upcoming events. 

Step 3 – The top players from the Regional Team will be identified over the course of their Regional Training and playing events and invited to attend the Surf Select National Training Camp in San Diego, CA in February. 

Step 4 – Players that successfully make the National Team will be placed on either the first tier team (Blue Team) or the second team (White Team) to compete in the top youth tournaments both domestically or internationally in the Summer months. (Please see Image below as visual aid).

Three VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: 1)  2) Players are only eligible for National Team Selection after being on the Regional Team 3) Players selected for the National Team will be notified after the August 5-6 2023 tryout weekend.

For players that  are selected to attend the Regional Team Tryout (this invitation will come via email), please see the following details for time and playing commitments: 

Surf Select Regional Team Tryout Details

Tryout Date(s): August 5-6th 2023

Location: Plantes Ferry Sports Park - Spokane, WA

Tryout Cost: $75 (includes Nike Jersey & covers facility and coaching costs)

Once tryouts are complete and IF your player successfully makes the Surf Select Regional Team Pool, they will then have the following playing opportunities: 

Surf Select Regional Team Important Details and Dates:


Girls & Boys 2008+: 

What: Surf College Cup

When: November 23rd-26th 2023 - teams will be asked to arrive on the 23rd to facilitate a team training session in preparation for the event.  

Where: SoCal Sports Complex - Oceanside, CA

Cost: TBD based on coaches travel, time, per diem


Girls & Boys 2014-2009+ 

What: Las Vegas Cup (MLK Weekend)

When: January 12-15th 2024 - teams will be asked to arrive on the 11th to facilitate a team training session in preparation for the event.  

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Cost: TBD based on coaches travel, time, per diem



This area is very important for parents / players to understand. There are 4 main categories that players are selected by and oftentimes one of the biggest difference makers for players being selected to try out or not is the PSYCHO-SOCIAL part of the game. 

Also, 1) the number of players we send per Birth Year and Gender is completely up to our soccer club and can be different for each Birth Year and Gender (some of our teams are stronger than others and therefore more players on those teams get the opportunity to try out than other teams) and  2) our coaches and directors work together to choose players that CONSISTENTLY score in the HIGHEST PERCENTILE in ALL of the following areas:

1) Technical Ability (1v1 attacking, 1v1 defending, passing, receiving, heading, ball striking)

2) Tactical Ability (Tactical discipline, decision making, awareness, influence upon the game, speed of play, intelligence, cleverness/creativity)

3) Psycho-social (confidence, mental toughness, staying positive / not complaining, hard-working, focus, concentration, consistency, composure, maturity, leadership)

4) Physical (agility, balance, speed, endurance, stamina)


The top players in the country are in Southern California, and the top players in Southern California play for San Diego Surf / Surf Select. For our players to have the opportunity to join up with the best players in the region and ultimately in the country is a tremendous opportunity and something we're extremely excited to be a part of.

This is an unprecedented pathway for Montana players to train and play with the best of the best and unlocks an opportunity to play at some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. For our older players, and players wishing to play in college and beyond, this connects NW Montana into the modern game and modern recruiting pathway and is an opportunity to be seen by top collegiate and professional scouts.